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39 mins ago

Avery is two weeks old, and its shell is slightly soft. I’ve checked for rotting and pyramiding, but there are no signs of either. My […]


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June 12, 2019

The patriarchal power structure of society attempted to rein with strong and visible s in and force them into society’s established gender roles. This can […]


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June 11, 2019

This isn’t one of those cavernous chain music stores; you’re always within conversation range of the people who have the answers and they’re always ready […]


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June 4, 2019

I will have some random colleague and will think, yes, if I was interested in women, that’s who I’d want to be with. I have […]


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June 4, 2019

Trends like these illustrate something new about American sex and raise a question. We are consumers. If we are to keep up our end of […]


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June 3, 2019

Some brands charge a ton of money even though they aren any better than their cheaper counterparts. The first time I purchased something, not from […]